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Vanisha Thanawala 

Having practiced yoga from a young age, I came to Pilates as an adult while recovering from a running injury and haven't looked back since.  It's helped me to build my core strength and improved my endurance while still providing the mind-body awareness I so enjoyed from my yoga practice.  I've been a proud advocate of the physical and mental benefits of the method amongst family and friends, so it seemed a no-brainer to pursue my passion when I decided to leave my city trading job and change career paths in November 2015.  I have trained and in the process of certifying with STOTT PILATES   in Essential, Intermediate and Advanced Level Matwork, Essential and Intermediate Reformer and Injuries and Special Populations.  

Eat.  Sleep.  Pilates.  was born in June 2016 to share my Pilates journey as well as my other passions (food and travel to name but two).  I hope you enjoy visiting the site and will be inspired to kick-start your own journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle!  

Eat.  Sleep.  Pilates.  is a social enterprise.  ALL profit is reinvested and redistributed for social benefit.  In 2016, 100% of proceeds were donated directly to our charity partner Action Against Hunger.

Philanthropy is at the core of our ethos.

Philanthropy (from Greek φιλανθρωπία) meaning the love of humanity,

in the sense of nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human. 

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